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Cooking at Home with the White Belt Sous Chef

Chef and fellow jiu-jitsu teammate, Craig Fass, returns to talk about getting back to the basics of cooking at home and the importance of sitting down to eat with loved ones, especially during this time of Covid-19. Working for over 30 years in the restaurant industry, Craig finally made the decision to take a break from one of the toughest industries, and sold his restaurant, The Bad Apple, last year. Cooking is still who he is and what he loves, so recently he started sharing his secret chef tips, expertise and recipes on social media to help people make delicious meals with real, fresh, whole foods, that are extremely cost effective. We also talk about life, tradition, mindset, positivity and jiu-jitsu of course. Follow Craig on Facebook and YouTube at “The White Belt Sous Chef” to watch his videos. They are short, easy and very entertaining, especially since he replaces his apron with his gi. Always a fun time talking with Craig! 



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